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Norway MCG Q35 3D Multi-Client Survey has been completed

This project‘s acquisition method is LumiSeisTM . LumiSeisTM is an optimized combination of streamers and seabed nodes. This unique approach has allowed all the data in this hybrid project to be acquired simultaneously and with the same source. Resulting in an efficient acquisition, both operational and cost-wise, ensuring high quality data with a competitive price. This hybrid method allows summation of the ultra high density streamer data with the node data. In addition, the node data will be used to define an improved velocity field through ‘Full Waveform Inversion’ (FWI). This in turn will provide better imaging of the subsurface, unlocking new opportunities in exploration and production.


The project is 800 km2 and covers a mature area of the North Sea that includes the fields Nova and Vega (under development), Aurora and Grosbeak. The new ultra high density data will improve the imaging of Upper Jurassic sands and the complex faults for which this area is known. The data will be ideal for oil companies looking for additional resources close to existing infrastructure.

The LumiSeisTM Quad 35 Hybrid MC3D data acquisition was successfully completed October 2, 2020.

Fast Track data is expected to be ready by January 2021. Final PSDM volumes will be available in June 2021.


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