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Timor Leste's bid round extended to October 9th, 2020

On 3 October, 2019, Timor-Leste's Prime Minister, Taur Matan Ruak opened a license round for exploration and exploitation of petroleum in the country, only the second in its history. This round intends to offer opportunities to invest in the potential of oil and gas and create new partnerships to jointly develop this potential. The Licensing Round follows Timor-Leste and Australia exchanging Diplomatic Notes to bring into force the treaty between the two countries, establishing maritime boundaries in the Timor Sea.


BGP has a 2D seismic survey in Timor Leste. The location of the project is located at the southern Timor Island and northwest shelf of Australia continent.The length is about 250 km from east to west and the width is about 120-150 km from north to south. The whole area of block is31000 square km approximately.

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