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Block Offer 2016 in New Zealand


Hon Simon Bridges launched the 2016 Petroleum Block Offer tender at the opening of the Conference this year.

New Zealand's 2016 Block Offer builds on previous tenders, extending the prospective acreage. The release areas all contain working petroleum systems, and cover various play types both onshore and offshore.

The tender includes one onshore and four offshore release areas:
• 16NRN-R1: Offshore Northland-Reinga Basin
• 16TAR-R1: Offshore Taranaki Basin
• 16PEC-R1: Offshore Pegasus/East Coast Basins
• 16GSC-R1: Offshore Great-South/Canterbury Basins
• 16TAR-R2: Onshore Taranaki Basin

Invitation for bids

The Invitation for Bids for Block Offer 2016 closes on 7 September 2016.

Bids for exploration permits must show an understanding of the geology of the area and the resource potential they seek to investigate, and include a work programme which lays out the exploration activities they propose to undertake. Bidders must demonstrate they have the technical, financial, health and safety and environmental capability to deliver their proposed work programme.


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